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Sparco Racing Seat

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SPARCO is the world's largest manufacturer of competition seats for racing, and is the manufaturer that has homologated the most models (about 20 different seats) to offer everyone the most suitable type to their needs. SPARCO is the first - and at the moment - the only manufacturere to have homologated a seat with an adjustable back (INDY). These results have been made possible by the enormous investment made in the reseach and development carried out in its own laboratories, where samples of frames and shells are daily taken at random from the production lines, and subjected to destruction test using special machinery specifically designed by its technicians. These test ensure that the seats and their parts meets the standards of resistance set by SPARCO. SPARCO seats have won almost all the world rally championships and the most extreme marathon trials in the last 10 years. No other manufacturer in the world can claim such a successful record. No other world manufacturer can boast such a success rate.

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Sparco America

Sparco Evo I

Sparco Evo II

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Sparco 2000

Sparco Race

Sparco Rev I

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Sparco Sprort

Sparco Ultra I

Sparco I