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               Racing Belts


                It is strongly recommended that the shoulder harnesses are fitted as close to horizontal as possible. It is a must that the angleof the shoulder harness does not exceed 45 degrees in relation to the theoretical horizontal axis of the mounting points. It is recommended that the harnesses be mounted to the fixing points suggested by the car manufacturer. The fixing points should always be reinforced by a steel plate fitted on the outer side of the car, not by welding or pop riveting. After an accident or a heavy crash, it is a must to replace the harnesses and carefully recheck their fixing points in the car. Belts do not have to be in contact with parts that damgae it. Should the belt show any wearing or cuts, it must be immediately replaced. Motor sports are dangerous. No warranty or representation is made as to product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death . The user assumes that risk. Some products are only legal for use on racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. check local laws

Momo Master Belt Racing

Momo Professional Belt Racing

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