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Turbocharge System         

   GReddy's cutting-edge turbocharging systems are the turbo of choice for today's sophisticated automobile platforms. Many of the world's best auto makers have turned to turbocharging to provide the power, efficiency and reliability required intoday's legislated, environmentally-sensitive times. After all, the concept is irresistible: Take the heat/gas-flow energy normally dumped into that very same environment and instead of waste, use it to drive a supercharger that rams more air into the engine.The dividends? A cost- and space-efficient four-cylinder with the spirit of a six. Or use one or two turbochargers on a six and have the explosive power of a much larger V-8.Let's get down to specifics. Submitted for your consideration: the GReddy TD04, right. This jewel, asmassaged by GReddy, is the centerpiece of our Honda Civic and Mazda Miata turbo systems.

    And they're twice the fun as upgrades on Nissan and Mitsubishi's dazzling twin-turbo machines. Thanks to advances in aerodynamics, precision machining and thermal dynamics, our turbos are compact, yet capable of tremendous air flow. Indeed, real-world limits are a stock engine's piston/valve robustness. Of course, we have the answer. Check out our GREX line of pistons, connecting rods, camshaft, head gaskets and cam sprockets.) As the experts will tell you, a turbocharger tends to "make up" for lackluster head design,and relatively poor breathers show even more performance improvement than expected.

    At GReddy, we know the key to a killer-combination is balance. Peak horsepower never takes precedence over torque and engine response, what you really use in day-to-day driving. You don't have to be an engineer or send away for dozens of compressor maps to select the right turbo. We've done the hard work for you, taking into account engine speed, desired boost, engine's swept volume and practical volumetric efficiency. And remember, all these factors are analyzed by folks who have experience in high performance and racing venues like Pikes Peak Indy Lights and LeMans since 1977. Your job? Identify how you really drive the car. Do you need to get to work or school everyday, but appreciate the ability to power out of the apexes with more authority? Or have youtaken all the seats out to get the weight down for those drag strip bouts every weekend? An honest assessment here won't leave you disappointed (or run through your cash faster than a 10-pound bottle of nitrous oxide! Next, check the integrity of the engine and drivetrain.

    All the extra pressure won't do any good if it leaks past the valves, seals or rings. Is your cooling system in good condition? Turbochargers tend to increase oil temperature. They live long on clean, synthetic oil. Finally, don't rush into a turbocharger add-on or upgrade if you're going to be doing extensive modifications. A planned approach to building a performance machine minimizes downtime, labor (time and charges) and maximizes gratification.We offer more than 40 turbo configurations. If you want the most performance-per-dollar, investigate a GReddy turbo solution for your car. Chances are, we've got just the turbo to complement your driving style and budget.


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