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As we know, when air is compressed heat is generated. The air compressed by a turbocharger can easily reach 250F or more. At that extreme, the air density is down, and so is power. For best engine efficiency and optimalpower, the ideal air temperatures is at or below 160F Some intercoolers cool down the air from 250F to 160F, but suffer a large pressure drop in doing so. This can cost 20-25% in power. On the other hand, some intercoolers do a good job of retaining pressure but at the expense of cooling. What's needed is a super-efficient intercooler that maintains boost pressure and slashes charge temperature.Free-flowing intercoolers like GReddy's help the turbocharger, especially at high RPM. Done right, intercoolers also reduce engine-threatening detonation. Today's space- and energy-efficient vehicles make the challenge even tougher, There's often not enough room to fit an intercooler of sufficient size. GReddy air-to-air intercoolers are designed for cramped spaces, yet dissipate heat superbly, thanks to the use of "inner-fin" design. For uncompromised cooling, intercoolers are an important of GReddy's "total tune up" concept.